Porch Installations in West Wickham, Kent

When you need extra space in your home, moving to a new property isn’t your only option. At W. J. Richardson Glazing Ltd, we offer a large selection of porch and conservatory installations, adding much-needed extra space to your property. Based in West Wickham, Kent, we supply house porches and conservatories to customers through the area

First-Choice for Porches in West Wickham

Porches lend themselves to all sorts of doors: sliding patio doors, French doors or single doors. Letterboxes can be incorporated in the midrails. Porches are a great security and safety factor, giving you peace of mind when answering your front door - knowing there is a secondary door. Porches give storage space for items you do not want to bring into your home - boots, shoes, bikes and buggies,etc

Does Your Porch Need an Upgrade?

uPVC windows and doors are the most viable option for porches, improving insulation, offering safety and security, and being virtually maintenance free. Every time you go into your home, the porch is the first thing you see. Just think of how many times you go through it each day. A new, state-of-the-art porch with bespoke window and door designs will rejuvenate the front of your home, and we can create one to suit every budget and style preference.

Contact us now, in West Wickham, Kent, to receive more information about our house porches.