Completing Expert Double Glazing Repairs in West Wickham, Kent

Windows are not only an attractive feature of your property; they are also crucial in keeping you and your family safe. When you are faced with broken glass panes, turn to the experts at W. J. Richardson Glazing Ltd. Based in West Wickham, Kent, we provide professional double glazing glass replacements. So, whether you have unsightly misted panes or broken panes, give our team a call. Sometimes customers just want to change glass patterns as they do not like what they have. Replacement Sealed Units When a sealed unit breaks down, it starts to fill with moisture, which often leads to the glazing becoming misted. Our team are on hand to replace units when the seal is broken. Only the glazing needs to be replaced, which makes our repairs a much more affordable option than purchasing an entirely new replacement. It all depends on the amount of repairs required as to what would be the most cost efficient option. This is something we can advise when we call...

Replacement Window Stays

A broken window stay leaves you with a window that is either permanently open or permanently closed. A closed window prevents you from allowing air in to cool the room down, while an open window puts your security at risk and creates a constant draught.  Call upon the experienced team at W. J. Richardson Glazing Ltd, and we will come to your property and replace the broken window stay at a fraction of the price of buying a replacement unit.

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